3 Ways the Holy Spirit Makes Your “Yes” Possible

holy spirit

It was 1980 and I had a big list for Santa. Technology was just becoming reachable for home use, with the early Apple computers and Atari gaming systems entering the market and I wanted both! Christmas morning, I woke up and found a new Apple II Plus under the tree. I was excited to find […]

Know Your Why If You Want To Follow Jesus {and not quit}

know your why

Up, up, up. Higher and higher I climbed. One big branch to another, until I was higher than I’d ever been. Higher than I was really comfortable with, but the tree trunk was thick and sturdy in my arms. I paused at each branch, marveling at how much progress I was making, how much I […]

Are You Saying Yes to God Reluctantly Or With Joy? [VIDEO]

When you whisper “yes” to follow Jesus, are you doing so reluctantly or are you running after him WITH JOY? Going where Jesus leads isn’t easy. It’s messy, inconvenient, challenging, even stormy. Yes, where he leads is where we become who we’re meant to be. So, instead of mere obedience, grumbling and reluctant, let’s say […]

Overcoming Your Objections to Say Yes to God

say yes to God

Have you ever asked a question you immediately regretted? You know, the kind that comes with an answer you weren’t quite prepared to handle? The kind of answer that would require a lot from you? My prayer that summer was much like this. I had two babies and was working long, stressful hours at my […]

Learn to Feast on the Bible and Hunger for God’s Word

hunger for God's word

Do you like to eat your vegetables? Do you look forward to that side of brussels sprouts? Do you crave broccoli? Do you desire a serving of vegetables at every meal? Or, like many of us, could you do without? Maybe you’ll eat them out obligation, but they’re not something you love. My youngest is […]

Why Forgiveness is a State of the Heart, Not an Action


Say you’re sorry to your sister. Now, say something nice to your bother and make up. Or vice versa. Variations of this scene play out in my house daily. They love each other, yet because they’re so close, they fight like cats and dogs. So, we have plenty of opportunities to work on apologies and […]

4 Steps to Let Go of Guilt Through Confession

Let go of guilt-FB

The grocery store we frequented when I was a child had this beautiful display of artificial flowers by the entrance as part of the floral department. I was fascinated with these fake flowers that were always perfect, except once in a while a bloom would fall off onto the ground. How I wanted some of […]

Stillness: My Most Essential Spiritual Practice [VIDEO]

Are you feeling tired, stressed, over-scheduled, worn thin, or losing your direction? Need your energy recharged, spirit renewed, and passion reignited for the road ahead? Stillness helps. Step away from the busy and spend some quiet time with God, just be in His presence and listen. Stillness is my most essential spiritual practice. Stillness keeps […]

Let Go of Comparison and Live as God’s Perfect

Ch 1 faith statement

Who’s taller? Who weighs more? Who had the better report card? Who’s winning the game? And on and on it goes in my house… My kids are constantly comparing themselves and trying to outdo each other. I’m forever telling them it’s not about being the tallest or the heaviest or the smartest or the best […]

10 Ways to Find Stillness {even if you don’t like silence}

finding stillness

Is your life full of noise, activity, and chaos? Do you find your schedule packed and hectic? Are you struggling to find peace, quiet, and tranquility in your life? Do you long to hear God’s voice more clearly in your life? Most of us are living busy, hectic lives. Too often we push aside stillness […]

5 Essentials to Balance a Busy Life

5 Essentials to balance a busy life

How do you do it all? Do you feel like you’re so busy that you’re constantly trying to balance a myriad of spinning plates, desperately hoping none will lose momentum and come crashing down? Are you overwhelmed by your busy? Seems like “busy” has become our go-to state of being, either by necessity or, often, […]

Anchored in Hope: devotionals for infertility

Anchored in Hope

Are you in walking the journey of infertility or know someone who is? It’s a difficult, and often lonely, road. When your body seems to turn against you and refuses to do what seems so simple for everyone else. When you lose hope one moment at a time that you’ll ever experience pregnancy and become […]

3 Ways to Sustain Through the Refining Fire

sustain through the refining fire

How do you get this oven clean, I wondered? I’d been scrubbing and scrubbing and it just wasn’t getting clean. As I was debating about giving up or heading to the store to look for a different cleaning product, my husband looked at the oven and asked, “what’s this self-cleaning option?” I hadn’t even noticed […]

How To Incorporate Fasting Into Your Spiritual Life


The boys were engrossed in a basketball game last night. The team’s star was on a hot streak and seemed to make every shot he took. Crazy shots. Off-balance, over the head of a defender who must have been a foot taller. From nearly mid-court. Three pointers from way beyond the three point line. He […]

“I’m sorry” is not our ‘get out of jail free’ card. If we keep doing the same things over and over, our “I’m sorry’s” become empty. Instead, God wants us to say, “I’m sorry AND, with Your help God, I’ll do better next time.” We’re going to sin and mess up in our lives because we’re human and live in a broken and fallen world. So we need to learn how to make our apologies mean more. Pray and ask God to help you walk a better path next time.

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Why We Need Purification Through Prayer

Use the P.A.S.T Prayer Template


Bedtime was fast approaching. “Time to take a shower and get ready for bed,” I called out to my son. “I’m not dirty! I took a shower yesterday!” he replied. “Well… but you’ve been playing soccer today and you’ve been outside on the playground. You need to wash off the sweat and dirt. You are […]

Want to live a more visible, vibrant faith? It starts with baptism. Start by staying connected to the power and promise of your baptism, remember your baptismal covenant, and, with God’s help, try to live into that each day. Join me here to learn more about living a Visible Faith and 12 essential elements for a faith that shines through.

3 Reasons a Visible Faith Starts with Baptism


Do you remember your baptism? Feeling the Living Waters wash your sins clean and the Holy Spirit filling your soul? Committing your life to Christ, asking forgiveness and repenting of all your sins and asking God’s help to live a better life? Was it a holy and life-changing experience for you? Or, maybe not… Maybe […]